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Oct 1

Programming Language: Objective CorporateSpeak++

Inspired by the constant corporate speak I have had the pleasure of hearing, I have undertaken the arduos task of developing the next generation of programming language:

Objective CorporateSpeak++

In this essay, I will demonstrate the usage of some of the programming idioms:

Value-Added Class Foo {
    Private Value-Added String Name;

    Public Mission Critical Function sayName( Value-Added String Name) {
    System.Out_of_The_Box.Println(“Hello {}”, Name)

Instantiating a Class
Foo foo = Take Ownership Foo;

Calling a Method:

Public Class Foo Is Value-Added By Bar

Flow Control:
If Some Value-Added Variable exhibits Core Competencies like 10 Then
Else Some Value-Added Variable exhibits Core Competencies like 20 Then
Else Go To Market

Going Forward On Value-Added Integer X to X.Length {
    System.Out_of_The_Box.Println(“Hello {}”, x)

Exception Handling:
Manage Expectations {
    Try LowHangingFruit{
    Catch Mission Critical {
    Finally Leverage {

TeamPlayer (True)

That’s it for now.